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So, Here is How to Win Startup Pitch Competitions

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To win startup pitch competitions means money, exposure, connections- all good things for companies looking to make a mark in their respective industries. There are many places to practice your companies elevator pitch. Honing the pitch and capturing that audience is key to a good presentation.

If you have a business that you are trying to get off the ground, these pitch competitions can be the way to pivot the next part of your entrepreneurial journey. Here’s some tips to master the perfect pitch.

Pitch to the Judges

All these competitions come with a set of rules and judges that have seen a lot of pitches come in front of them. Get to know the rules of the game before signing up to be a part of the competition. Each competition, each judge, come with their own separate agendas and ideas of who they want to give the money to and support. Judges profiles are usually posted on the competition website. Check out their LinkedIn and see if you can create a connection there.

The most important thing to remember is to tailor your presentation to the competition.

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Powerpoints Win Startup Pitch Competitions

Slides are the lifeblood of any good presentation. Make sure that it is not text-heavy like reading subtitles on a French movie. Let the visual speak and capture your audience, but don’t let it detract from the real star of the show – YOU!

Keep Your Cool

Confidence is key. You know your product forwards and backwards. It’s your baby, so be proud of what your baby can do. Part of the judge’s job is to get you to talk about your product and get you to convince them about why they should choose you. Be specific with your answers. Firm “yes” and “nos.” Avoid maybe’s. It’s like being in a beauty pageant, right?

Be Clear

If practice makes perfect, clarity makes sense. Your audience will rotate in and out of the room. For those that tend to wander around and for your avid listeners, make sure that they know what your product is about. When people ask, “what is their product?” they should be able to answer clearly.

win startup pitch competitions winner

“Memory Cue”

Leave the judges and your audience with something to remember you by with a joke, an anecdote, a weird image? People connect emotionally in these kinds of situations and if they connect a wonderful memory with your pitch, they are more than likely going to talk about you.

Of course these pitch competitions have a lot of other factors to consider. If your company is going through seed rounds to get to the final competition, it would be nice to have someone to watch over your website, or marketing during this time. Win the competition and let Tractus Online take care of your other needs. You’ll be glad you did!

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