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10 Ways to Help You Win Startup Pitch Competitions, Pt.2

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To win startup competitions, you need more than a good product. It is a show and you must present yourself well in front of the audience and the venture capitalist that hold the prize money for your startup.

Here’s the next part of how to win:

Win Startup Pitch with Pique Technique.

Humans prefer the unexpected and in shows like this, they are a real winner. Your product has something unique? Show it off! Like that one time that a company on Shark Tank got two of the Sharks to kiss to demonstrate their products. This made for good TV, but also got the attention of Mark Cuban. Now you can see that product at you local drugstore.

Confidence is Key.

Know your product so well that you can answer any question about it. If you believe in your product, then that needs to show. This is something that you have worked so hard on and you want it to succeed. Having that confidence will carry you throughout your pitch and resonate with the audience. Get the audience to believe you and you can get the VCs to believe in you as well. Let them know that they can trust you with their investment.

Practice Your Pitch.

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Microphones cannot be trusted, so you need to project. Part of the confidence we talked about above is being clear in your presentation. A good, firm voice is better than a soft one and the judges will respond a lot better if they can hear you. To do this, practice your pitch before going in. Get to know the slides (if yo have any) and make sure that the attention is on your product and how it solves problems.

That Smile Goes A Long Way.

We talked about smiling earlier and it makes its way back to the list as part of your technique. A smile is an open invitation to your world. Smiles and nod help you tell your story in a positive light. No RBFs to rub the judges the wrong way.

Basically, make them laugh.

Know Your Worth.

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During the Q and A part of the competition, it is alright to pause and consult. Most people think that having all the answers is necessary during the competition, but the judge know you won’t have them. That’s part of the reason you are in the competition in the first place. Think about their advice thoughtfully and respond calmly and once again with confidence. If they start breaking you down, don’t go on the offensive. Rather, thank them for their suggestions and evaluate if it fits in your startups’ mission.

This is all good advice that can very well lead you to win. But sometimes it does happen that chance has its way and Lady Luck will blow your way, or it doesn’t happen at all. The greatest thing to get out and call a win startup pitch competitions is the experience, the exposure, and the knowledge that the next time, you will do better.

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