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Why Your Business Might Be Wasting Online Marketing Dollars

Ekaterina Lepikhina Marketing

Whether you are new to online marketing or just looking to improve, it’s time to think about your business goals first before jumping into the digital jungle.
If you are aiming at converting your fan base into customers, clients, leads, partners or brand ambassadors, this article is for you.
Why your online marketing budget could be wasted in spite of good traffic numbers and online visibility?

Your Website Is Too Slow

Modern Internet users aren’t patient. Don’t think that they will wait until your heavy video loads or oversized pictures show up on the page. In a competitive market with thousands of offers it is easier to click on a competitor’s website and buy/contact them/subscribe etc. than stare at the monitor or mobile screen longer than a few seconds. Average recommended page load time should not exceed 2 seconds. So, test and improve your website speed consistently if you don’t want to lose your audience and throw away your marketing dollars.

Your Online and Offline Activities are Complete Strangers

Users rely on online sources more than on anything else these days. If your price range, menu, contact info have changed do not forget to update this information online as well. There is nothing more annoying for an active Yelper than find out that the restaurant is closed on Sunday after he’s been stuck in traffic for an hour to get there. And all of a sudden, all your marketing efforts are wasted because you have an unhappy/ misinformed customer ready to spread the word about his negative experience.

Your Homepage is the Only Landing Page for Your Traffic

As mentioned above, users are not patient enough to browse through dozens of pages on the website to find what they are looking for. Do not send them to the homepage hoping that they will figure it out and take an action. If you are running a campaign with a special offer create new landing page for that offer or make the offer visible on the homepage. If you are posting on social about your new service send them to the services page. Don’t make your users think too much before making a decision.

Your Landing Pages Are Confusing / Non-Actionable

Bounce rate is a metric used by marketers to explain users’ behavior on the website. Bounce rate shows the percentage of visitors who land on the site and “bounce” or leave the site rather than keep viewing other pages within the same site or staying long enough on the page. When the landing page is confusing and does not have direct call to action, it becomes ineffective and your marketing dollars are wasted again. Make sure you direct the visitors on the page to the final destination / goal you want to achieve.

Your Website is Full of 404 Disasters

“Oops, the page does not exist” message is a sure way for your visitor to leave the website. If he is not able to find what he was promised disappointment level skyrockets to your disadvantage. Ensure that all your links are working properly, all redirects are setup correctly and all unnecessary titles/tabs are removed. However, you should always be prepared for 404s even though everything is set up correctly. Create a custom 404 page that gives the visitors some options in navigation, search field and maybe even an entertaining message.

Treat your website as the ultimate decision point for the visitor. Before starting a new online campaign, make sure you are not making any of these mistakes so that your investment is not wasted. Converting your online visitors into customers, clients or partners is not easy. Consult with marketing specialists and web developers to balance your website performance and your online marketing.

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