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What is a Startup Accelerator and Why Should You Participate

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A startup accelerator is a fixed-term, cohort-based program, that include mentorship and educational components and culminate in a public pitch, sometimes referred to as a demo day.For many startups, the opportunity to be included in an accelerator program means that they will get face time with some of the biggest names in their industry. It means getting in from of venture capitalists and seed investors. It means presenting their best work.

The idea of a startup accelerator is to support businesses in the early stages of their company. They are trained and built up through education, mentorship, and financing. In all its glory, the startup accelerator teaches fledgling companies, usually in three months time, what they need to know to succeed. Look for these things when participating in an accelerator cohort.

The startup accelerator is about expertise.

Knowing the terms of an accelerator is extremely important. What are the kinds of things they are promising your company? One of the most successful accelerators is TechStars. They are found in big startup hubs like London and Denver. In this kind of space, you want to make sure that your mentors in the program have an established name. One of the biggest advantages that graduates from accelerator programs have is their network. The whole you are the five people you spend your most time with is true. Especially in these intense 3 months.

When You Dream, Dream Big.

There are many different accelerators out there like Y Combinator, MuckerLab, even programming bootcamps like, The Iron Yard. You might as well aim big for those big connections. You can create more meaningful and lasting connections than with smaller startup accelerators because the mentors, financiers, VCs, are all looking to get you ahead.
a list of startup accelerator programs based on their popularity

You can always apply for a smaller, local one, but never dismiss your company for a chance to get into Disrupt NY or any of the big conference and cohorts. The networking, the mentorship, the experience, are all part of the program and you can take them with you.

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