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Websites Can Help Generate Leads and New Customers

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Is your company online? Your website can help generate leads for you and keep your pool of customers. When done right, it is one of your most effective marketing tool. But it takes more than a site up to get customers that will buy your product. You need to know who you are dealing and what is the best way to get them to stay on your site.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind as you reevaluate what you are doing to get leads.

Keep It Simple, Silly

The key to a good site to help generate leads is getting your customers to stay. Ask yourself, is my website navigable? As a visitor, you want to be able to find what you are looking for on the site. If you are not able to do that, it can cause some confusion and frustration and you will leave the site. A simple site design with clear markers for your landing pages could do wonders in helping your visitor stay longer and capturing that lead.

Help generate leads using social media

Help generate leads for your campaigns using SEO and Social Media.

Call-to-Actions Help Generate Leads

A Call-to-Action (CTA) lets the visitor know what is next. Stating your CTA is crucial and can be done in many ways. Most websites collect email addresses for their marketing campaigns. Newsletters, contests, giveaways are some popular CTAs that companies use. You can also give free downloads of your whitepapers, an ebook, or discounts to products and services that you offer.

Make the CTA visible to visitors using a button above the fold of your homepage.

Marketing Plan Sets the Tone

What do you do when you collect emails? Make sure that you email your subscribers regularly. You can receive new traffic to your website with these emails. You can generate even more traffic by adding more email subscribers. Give your customers something to go to your website and visit.

If you are using social media, always have something for them to look at on your site. Let them become engaged with your presence.

Social and SEO Bring Traffic

Is your website optimized? Many devs fail to take into account the optimization of a site for SEO and Social. You can consult with an SEO expert on making sure that you’re not missing an meta data that’ll help that Google scraper to rank your site. Organic traffic from keyword research can bring in more traffic if done correctly.

help generate leads using CTAs

Whether on web or mobile, help generate leads by having CTAs for visitors to fill.

Social media can help you bring a steady stream of visitors, engagements, and insights on what your visitors want. Social and SEO are powerful allies to help generate leads for your company.

Track Your Visitors with Landing Pages

Landing pages are a big deal in online marketing efforts, especially in generating leads. When you have a landing page, your visitors are driven to the CTAs you created. Creating specific landing pages for your campaigns make it easy to keep track of customers. It also shows that you know your customers by giving them what they want.

Making your website a success is part of a great marketing plan. Keep in mind these things we shared to ensure that your website is generating leads to bring in new traffic. If your website needs some help, or your marketing plan needs some sprucing up, contact us here at Tractus and we will set you on the path to greater leads.

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