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Planning a Website? 5 Mistakes To Avoid

Ekaterina Lepikhina Marketing

Wondering why your website doesn’t get enough traffic? Users leave your website before turning into customers? Check and see if you are making any of these crucial mistakes that kill websites.

Mistake #1 No Clear Message on the Landing Page

When people come to your website, they need to know what it is all about and why they should stay. Sounds too obvious but you’d be surprised how difficult it is to direct users. Sometimes there are too many messages on the landing page and the prospective customers can’t see which one is the right one. And you don’t want them confused. You want them to take action. 


Think about one essential truth about each particular page. Focus on one thing and make it clear.

Mistake#2 No Call To Action

Let’s say your prospective clients are on your website. They know what the website is about, look through it and leave. “If you don’t offer me to sign up, I won’t. If you don’t ask me to buy, I won’t consider it”. This is the way our psychology works. People need directions and calls to action in order to do something. Don’t leave them hanging with no call to action, be proactive.


Decide what you want your users to do: download something, learn more, buy, sign up etc. Prompt your users take an action with a visible clear button.

Mistake#3 Confusing Navigation

Your users did not create your website, they don’t know what to expect and where to go next in order to find what they need. Getting too creative with you navigation or making it unclear and confusing will only make your users leave your website. 


Guide your visitors with clear directions. And remember, the way you build the navigation defines the way people make on your website. Keep your business goal in mind like this website

Mistake#4 Not Thinking About Your Target Audience

Imagine a website that uses red and green colors and targets color blind people. Or a website of an eye-clinic that uses small font. Have they ever thought about who their users? Probably not. If you are not targeting the right audience, what is the purpose of your website then?


Spend some time researching your audience: demographics, interests and other important factors. Make sure you take into account things that might kill your user experience.Think about your audience first.

Mistake #5 No Relevant Content

If you have a page with FAQ, make sure those questions are actually relevant and answered properly. If you have a page named pricing, include pricing information and not the contact form. People click on the website to find content they are looking for. And if the information does not match their expectations, they just leave.


Think about your audience expectations. What they might be looking for? Include information that answers their questions and matches headlines.

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