3 reasons why having a website is important for online marketing

Why A Website Is Important For Online Marketing

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With everything shifting to digital, online marketing is the most relevant way to grab your target audience’s attention and sell your product. All things online start with a website, and it’s important that your business has a good one for a positive online presence. Below are a few reasons as to why a website is vital in your digital strategies.

why having a good website is important for small businesses

Cost Effective

Think of a website as a cost effective advertisement. You tailor the message to fit your brand, you work with a designer to achieve the right look and you make it go live. In comparison to creating and publishing a print ad, having a website designed and paying for hosting is a lot less expensive and can achieve a lot more. Chances are if you are engaging in search engine optimization, your presence on Google will be just as effective as that of an ad on a billboard next to the freeway.


Having a website is important for sheer convenience, especially in regards to e-commerce. It’s important if you’re selling a product that your customer can add it to their cart and checkout directly on your website. This can help increase sales as someone may be online shopping late at night outside of normal business hours, not allowing them to pick up the phone and call your office to place an order. We’re not in the stone age anymore, so you should offer the convenience of e-commerce when it comes to online marketing.

Online Marketing and Credibility

Not only is having a good website important for maximizing sales, but it’s also important for credibility. Having an online presence alone boosts your credibility, but being able to showcase testimonials, background information on your business as well as information on your team will only increase trust among your consumers. Having a website is extremely important for your online presence and credibility as a business.

why a website is important when it comes to your online marketing initiatives

There are many factors that come into play with online marketing, but having a good built website is one of the most important aspects. Want to learn about what we can do for you in terms of building your website? Click here.  Want to learn more about online marketing? Click here

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