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Website Domain Names are Important as Well as Extensions

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Choosing your website domain names is no small task. It has to be perfect and your customers have to be able to find it. For those that are just starting up in their business, you could be thinking that these domain names are expensive. Truth be told, they can be and sometimes the name you want is taken.

When picking your domain name, you have to keep in mind the extension you will be using as it will help distinguish your business. Let’s walk you through it.

The First Website Domain Names

Tens of thousands of domain names are registered everyday. From the .com, .net, and .org that many recognize, new extensions have now come to take their place as desired extensions. There are now .io, .us, and .xyz. Even some crazy ones like .ninja.

These domain names have taken the place of URLs like and it makes sense. Remembering a website like is so much easier. Let’s be glad that websites are no longer designated by number!

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Trusted Domain Names

There are a few extensions that we think about when we think of a website. Government entities use the .gov extension, organizations use the .net, and 52% of ALL websites have the extension .com. It’s almost second nature that when someone looks for a website, they always put the .com at the end. It is trusted and expected that any business worth that they say they are worth will use a .com extension.

Recently, tech companies have been using the .io and .us extensions. This naming convention makes sense in that field because it helps put these companies in a specific niche, making them easy to find.

Still, nothing beats a good .com extension to help your business rank and be found. It can be expensive, but it builds your street cred when you have a .com extension.

Sometimes They Run Out

The reason why new extensions are popping out is because at some point, all the .com extensions become unavailable. It could be in use or someone decided to park on that specific domain in order to sell it for a lot of money.

A quick fix to a .com extension is to include a hyphen on your name. For example, if was taken, we could use instead. It can be a bit cumbersome as people could forget the hyphen and boom, it leads to a competitors site, but that is just one idea. Another is the use of keywords you have gotten from your research. You can use it, like Try and make sure that your domain name can still maintain the branding you have created.
website domain names featured

Final Word on Extensions

Your decision to have a trusted website domain name is important. It is also important to know that the name is also strengthened by link building, great content, and adhering to Google’s algorithms.

That’s the basics. Use a .com as much as possible or an extension that greatly describes what it is that the website does. Tractus Online can help with the research and provide you with ideas and examples of what works in your space. Contact us before you create a website or if you’re rebranding, let us help you build that strong brand.

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