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What is a VLOG and is it Worth Investing Your Time Using It?

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Have you thought about adding videos to you marketing plan? Then maybe a VLOG is what you need to look into!

More than just YouTube, Vimeo, or Vine, VLOGs are being used by companies to show off what is happening inside and a bit of what their culture is like. Giants like Apple, Best Buy, even Geico, use video content to engage with their customers. With vlogging, you get a better visual and insight into events, products, and sometimes, bloopers.

Why You Should Vlog?

If you haven’t caught up yet, a VLOG is combination of video material and blog. For the same reason that people create written content, video content is becoming more and more popular. Think of how many times people have watched that same cat video. Getting a video to go viral is easy because you can consume it faster.

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Trust is a big deal and the transparency that videos create allow you to build a relationship of trust between you and your customers. This can be done by answering questions in what is now popularly known as “Ask Me Anything,” or AMA. Or showing some team event that your company has done. If they trust your brand, they’ll support you.

Search Engines LOVE Video

Trending topics in video formats mean that SEO will love them. Whether it is on Google or Bing, video content for that topic have been showing on top results because people are looking to watch. When you create a vlog, the chances of it showing up on results are a lot higher.

In a more visual world filled with GoPros, hi-res cameras, and cat videos, it only makes sense to head towards that trend. Have you been using video content? Is vlogging something you have become a master of? Share with us at Tractus Online your secrets to a successful vlog!

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