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Video Marketing Is the Most Underused Content Strategy

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Video marketing provides the value, relevance and flexibility consumers need. It’s that mobile, on-the-go lifestyle they want in this ever changing technological landscape. With video sharing becoming more and more popular, it’s consumption keeps growing as well.

Companies are still using blogs and email campaigns to keep in touch with their customers. Using video provides some new innovations on classic marketing strategies. Here’s how video marketing can help:

Brand Recall is Greater with Video Content

brand recall with video

Have you noticed the survey’s on YouTube asking you if you’ve seen an ad for a specific product? Consumers remember videos. They share and like it. They re-enact it. Video content helps with brand recognition and that is what drive sales and provide new leads to follow up with.

SEO is Boosted by Video Marketing

You canĀ improve your click-through rates across the board using video content. You can add videos to your landing pages, websites, and content offers. Using video on other platforms like Facebook and Instagram can drive more traffic to your site. Better relevant content will boost your SEO ranking.

Video is Device Friendly

Whether you are on your phone, tablet, or computer, video will play. Thank goodness for waiting rooms, bathroom breaks, and commutes that provide great audiences for the video you have created.

A Stronger Brand Message

You can strengthen your brand identity through video marketing. This allows for your customers to know who you really are and what your culture is like.

Video Wants to Be Shared.

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Video is easily shared and unlike pictures, the context is included in the video. You don’t need to be in to get the joke, or understand what is being shown. The cues are easily digested and does not require much prodding. It resonates with the viewer more than a photo could.

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