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Using Instagram To Reach Younger Demographics

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Having broad strategies in marketing is absolutely essential to find success across different age-groups. Strategies that will work for those over age 50 will not work for most of those from age 30-50, which will not work for those between age 20-30, which will not work for those under the age of 20. It is essential to understand which age-groups prefer which platforms, and formats. When you are seeking to reach those on the lower end of the age-scale, Instagram is the way to go.

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The Numbers

While Snapchat is the most popular social media platform among members of Generation Z, Instagram is the one they overwhelmingly prefer for brand engagement. 90% of this group report using Instagram at least once monthly. 70% prefer Instagram as the means of engagement about new products. Instagram, like Snapchat, offers a very narrow range of posting options. There are pictures and short videos in shared in the normal feed, and these shared in stories. The feed is less interconnected than Facebook or Twitter’s (you only see posts you want to see, not things liked or shared by those you follow from those you don’t).

The Reason

Nothing ruins something cool like old people. Baby Boomers have inundated Facebook, making it less fun, and less viable for young people. Somehow having your mom on the same social network as you, when you’re young, takes away the excitement. Facebook and Twitter both do more than Instagram does, but that’s not what is important. To get the younger demographics, you have to go where they go and learn to reach them there. Read up and practice up on the features of Instagram and how to use them.

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The Takeaway

Gen Z, Millenials, Gen X, Baby Boomers, there are so many people and groups of people to reach. While you can’t win them all, if you want to get a larger portion, you need to learn to reach and speak to several of these groups. To improve your online marketing and demographic approach, contact us today to learn how we can help. 

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