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Using Federal Holidays to Gain Marketing Momentum

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We all love federal holidays. It can mean a 3 or 4-day weekend, and some extra needed time with the family. There are 10 federally observed holidays in the United States, the fourth of July being one of them. Everywhere you go, there is the red, white, and blue, that beckons you to shop where this color pattern appears.With five holidays left, here’s how you can take advantage of the holiday draw to your business.

Holidays are cool

So, what can you do to bring more customers into your store? It all starts with a good marketing plan. Get together with your team and brainstorm ideas that lead up to the holiday. It could be a sale, or an event that brings people into the store, like a workshop. Or a meet and greet.

You can use your leads to email your audience. it can start out with a mass email which eventually targets specific people that fulfill certain tasks. Having an email companion like Mailchimp will let you send out mass emails and track them from opening the email to attending.

If you decide to keep track of attendees, Eventbrite does a great job of keeping track of your contacts and other things. If you have a CRM, you can integrate the two fairly easily.

Non Federal Holidays that Draw the Crowd

There is literally a holiday everyday. Outside of the US Independence Day, it is also Alice in Wonderland Day, National Barbecue Day, and National Caesar Salad Day. Depending on your business, you might be able to find a fitting holiday to celebrate. While some of these sounds silly, a great marketing plan can get you the right exposure.

Use hashtags to coordinate the day with your company use the data there to have a great target.

Still wondering how to take advantage of of these holidays? Contact us at Tractus Online and let’s find the best hashtag soon!

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