Examples of user generated content campaigns done by big brands

Top User Generated Content Marketing Examples

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User generated content, or UGC marketing, is an effective way to open up the online conversation about your brand and engage your audience. By implementing a creative campaign, your results can go viral on social media and generate buzz about your brand. Below are a few examples of UGC campaigns created by big brands that were successful.

3 tips from big brands for good user generated content campaigns

Coca-Cola Masters Marketing

Coca-Cola launched their “share a Coke” campaign in Australia in 2011. The campaign consisted of releasing branded Coca-Cola bottles with a variety of names on them to give them a personalized effect. Coca-Cola handed out the branded bottles and asked consumers to post photos of them to their social channels. The results went viral and social media platforms were flooded with user generated content by Coca-Cola consumers.

Target and Education

Target pledged to donate $500 million to education in part of a campaign they launched surrounding user generated content. They urged consumers to post videos of themselves opening their college acceptance letters with the chance of being featured in the campaign’s official commercial. The campaign was successful and Target got thousands of submissions which generated buzz about their philanthropic endeavor.

iPhone User Generated Content

Apple recently released their “shot on iPhone” campaign, which urges iPhone users to upload their photos to social media and use the associated #ShotOniPhone hashtag. Apple released this campaign in efforts to showcase the quality of their mobile cameras and to advertise the new portrait mode feature. The hashtag has been used over 2 million times on Instagram and counting.

How user generated content can go viral on social media

User generated content is a fun and unique way to engage your audience and spark conversation about your brand. If you want help with coming up with a creative UGC marketing campaign, contact us. If you care to read more about creative content marketing, click here

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