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3 Ways To Use Twitter For Your Business

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All social media platforms offer unique central features. Instagram is all about the pictures, Facebook offers versatility, and Twitter has 280 character long Tweets. Users visit each site for different reasons. As such, learning the differences and uses of each works in the discerning business person’s favor. Today we invite you to learn a little bit more about Twitter for business.

twitter for business

1. Hashtags and Chats

While you are likely familiar with hashtags, you may not know that Twitter was where hashtags came from. Hashtags on Twitter connect you to related content, conversations, and users. Using hashtags well allows you to engage in “Twitter chats,” in which several users take place in a larger conversation on a topic. Learning to navigate the world of hashtags, chats, threads, and so is essential. Doing so will enable you to educate yourself about what potential customers on Twitter are saying and doing, and participate in the conversation.

2. Photos, GIF’s, and Polls

As on other platforms, you have to post content worth engaging with. One way to do this is to post eye-catching images, animated GIF’s, or interesting/fun polls. The first two types of content will bring clicks, and hopefully followers. The last kind also has the benefit of offering a channel of free data. Curious about how your followers feel about a change to your website or product? Make a poll, and wait for the results to roll in.

twitter polls for business

3. Advertisements

Twitter, like Facebook and Instagram, provides the ability to create targeted ads. Take advantage of this feature. Do not forget, however, that Twitter is not Facebook or Instagram. Spend some time on the platform before composing an advertisement. You’ll find the tone, mood, and culture of Twitter does not call for identical content to Facebook or Instagram. The only way to learn what works is to do your research and experiment.

The entire purpose of your social media profile is to generate new business, often through your website or app. If your online presence is a mess, however, would you even want potential customers to end up there? Find out today exactly how we can help you with your website, app, or marketing strategy. We offer a wide array of services and would love to tailor a solution to your needs. 

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