How to Use Live Video Streaming to Engage Audience

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Did you every use Periscope? or Meerkat? How about Hangouts on Air? The advent of Facebook Live has given these live video streaming platforms a place in the social media market. This post is here to help you get to know what Facebook Live is and how to use the product. The ability to interact with your customers and take them with you (so to speak) helps if you want them to know your product.

Facebook Live allows you to show video content in real time. No fancy videos, or editing, or catching the right live. Since it is live, you and your customers are interacting right there with the push of a button.

Facebook live video streaming

Facebook Live is the newest addition to these live video streaming services. Facebook plans to add more in the coming months. Photo Credit: Facebook

Advantages of Live Video Streaming

With Facebook Live, you don’t need any external apps to run the video. Your social media can open the Facebook app on their device and start streaming. It’s that easy. Advantages of using Facebook Live includes:

  • Posting the video as a status and have it appear on your news feed
  • You can see your audience interact in real time through comments and likes
  • Share, tweet, embed, or delete –  it’s all up to you
  • It’s reusable content that saves on your timeline- no expirations!

Engagement is the main KPI that you can measure from this!

It’s a MUST for your Business

Breaking down barriers is what live video streaming does best. Video content fill social media because it creates better connections. Your company can achieve transparency that lets future customers know your brand and endear  your current patrons. Your company is more than a logo, or a brand. It’s a living entity.

one million views on live video streaming

Video content is easily digestible making live video streaming a must. Photo Credit: nideo

Here’s how you can you use to capture more business:

  • Share quick tips and behind-the-scene happenings in your company
  • Promote upcoming events, new blog posts, product reviews
  • Spotlight employees and what they do
  • Giveaways and interviews

Since all businesses are in the business of attracting more people, live video streaming can help attract and retain followers.

Have you tried any live video streaming services? Now is a great time to try. The evolution of marketing from door-to-door sales and now video is proof that reaching a wider audience also require that the company and the consumer get to know each other and built a relationship. Tractus Online continues to build relationships with its clients and audience by taking advantage of new technologies like these and seeing the opportunities available therein. Send us an email, chat with us on Facebook, or call us to learn about more tips and tricks and keep up with new tech.

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