How to Make Facebook Work for Your Business

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No business can survive today without a thriving social media presence. Facebook represents the center of the social universe for businesses. No other platform offers the diversity of functions, and length of reach that Facebook does. Unfortunately, businesses often fall short with their Facebook presence because they simply have not learned how to use it effectively. Below is a list of 3 ways to make Facebook work for your business.

Scheduled Posts

Facebook allows you to have an active presence without requiring your constant attention. On commercial pages, there is a function that allows the page to schedule posts to publish at later, specified times. Scheduling weekly, daily, or even more frequent posts with your business’s Facebook page allows you to spend a burst of time every once in a while, creating content that will roll out reliably, and regularly.

Targeted Ads

Recent (and regular) algorithm changes to Facebook’s timeline make it much more difficult for your page to be seen by potential customers. The changes emphasize friends and family, and deemphasize news, business, and entertainment pages. The most effective way to be seen is to create frequent targeted advertisements. These ads allow you to select demographic information such as age, gender, and location and to choose targeted interests by identifying other pages or topics potential customers might interact with. Facebook ads are customizable and effective.

Fresh Content

Finally, the most important thing of all is to make sure you are constantly putting out a stream of quality content. If you do not post, then new customers will rarely seek out your page on their own. Posts allow for engagements, which brings more eyes to your page. With the content, make it funny, relatable, and short. If your content is not at least short and relatable then it will very rarely draw traffic. No one likes a long post, and no one engages unless something catches their eye.

Changes in the social media marketing world

Facebook can be an excellent tool, but if it is never used, or is used ineffectively then it might as well just stay in the tool box. Adapting to the social media age is mandatory for any business looking for regular growth and stable profits. Mastering these techniques will put any business well on its way to social media success. There is always more to learn about the ever-changing landscape of social media for business. Want to improve your business Facebook presence? We can help!

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