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Here’s 5 Benefits to Your Site When You Use Bootstrap Templates

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Use Bootstrap templates for some of its rich features and wide array of support. Many front-end developers are using Bootstrap more and more in their projects as it works best in a new mobile-friendly world. Responsiveness is not the only reason to use Bootstrap, but it is one of the key reasons it has turned many to use the framework.

Let’s talk about the 5 benefits you get when you use Bootstrap templates.

Mobile Needs to be Responsive

Many of your customers are viewing their content on their mobile devices. This means mobile apps and mobile-friendly sites have more chances on capturing their audience with their content. Creating your site to be mobile ready is quick and easy with Bootstrap. Because of its fluid grid layout, you can preview how your site would look on a mobile device. You can adjust your content so that it is the optimized view for your audience to see your services.

use bootstrap templates mobile

In the grid system, you can specify how many spots you want each column to occupy. After that, specify which point you want your columns to stack and display on mobile devices.

Speed is Wanted

This is one of the biggest benefits of using Bootstrap. It allows for you to push out your site or app a lot faster!

use bootstrap templates less css

Without Bootstrap, your developers would have to code from scratch. Using blocks of code to get the development started, Bootstrap combines itself with different browsers giving you exactly what you need to design. It also uses less CSS. That means less coding and more time to focus on other projects.

Use Bootstrap Templates for Consistency

A little bit of background. Bootstrap was created by Twitter employees to encourage consistency across their internal tools. Realising it had potential beyond the workplace, it was released as a open sourced version in 2011. According to Mark Otto, Bootstrap was built to pair designers with developers. That concept is why it continues to be a success.

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The ability to have uniform results across multiple web platforms- IE, Chrome, or Firefox- is always a big plus.

Customization for you Clients

Tailor made sites according to project specifications. Developer have the ability to pick and choose the features the projects, or clients need and throw away what they don’t, saving you time and money.

use bootstrap templates css

Don’t need forms? Click that off. Decided you don’t need that Carousel code? Done. Control what goes on your site with just a click.

It’s Alive with Support


There are over 9,000 commits and 500 contributors on the Bootstrap Twitter account. It is active and maintained by a community that wants to help out other developers. If you have any questions about what templates to use or how to add API keys to your site, they can help. It’s all there from updates to blogs and tutorials, it’s all a matter of searching for the answer.

These are five benefits that we see here at Tractus Online. Of course, there are other benefits that companies and developers may have seen as they use Bootstrap templates and that means there is more to it to explore. Bootstrap is a great framework to get familiar with and since mobile-friendly sites are ranking higher and higher these days, it would be a good thing to look into. Contact us to learn more about Bootstrap and how we can help you create the website that’ll make your business boom!

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