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All social media sites share some common attributes: they generally support brief formats; they have become oriented mostly towards mobile applications; they are places for connection, education, and entertainment; and so on. These similarities notwithstanding, all of the sites are different in important ways. Knowing these differences can make or break your social media marketing strategy. Today we offer a rundown of the unique characteristics of three of the most popular social networking sites, and some advice on marketing on them.

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1. Facebook

While MySpace probably holds the title of the first popular social network, Facebook changed social media in a way that has affected not only every social network since, but the way we use the entire internet. Facebook’s most distinctive feature is a greater openness for longer form copy. Not everyone has the patience to read three paragraphs, no matter what the source. With that being said, Facebook’s culture and platform lends itself to a greater openness to more information at once.

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2. Instagram

With Instagram, the focus is either images, or short videos. Recently live videos have also become popular on Instagram and Facebook, but especially Instagram. Regardless, the bread and butter for a business on Instagram is building a brand by posting aesthetically consistent, and attractive images. The subject of the posts will vary depending on the business, but consistency, and planning are key. When it comes to videos, you need to be quick, you need to be eye catching, and you need to do what works best for your business.

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3. Twitter

Twitter is the birthplace of the “hot take.” A hot take is a very short pithy statement, whether it be factual, outrageous, humorous, or otherwise. If you want to succeed on Twitter, all of your content should revolve around this concept. You need not practically limit yourself to hot takes in word, or image, but the idea of hot takes should be on your mind when you create content to share on Twitter. Your tagline with an article or image will be what gets you a foothold on Twitter.

You should research all of the social networks you’re interested in implementing in your marketing strategy, and decide which ones are right for your business. Perhaps you’ll decide to have a presence on all of the ones listed here, and maybe others. No matter what you decide, be sure to adjust your strategy based on the site with which you interact. No matter your strategy, we can help you with management and presence in our digital efforts. Contact us for a free consultation and find out how we can help you navigate the crowded world of digital marketing.

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