Tractus Online Referral Program

Tractus Online Referral Program Can Get You Some Extra Dough

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Tractus Online Referral Program is a great way to help yourself and other businesses to get their website and marketing needs going, especially in this coming year. Oftentimes, clients are unaware of referral programs that companies have. Just as with anything else, loyalty programs are put in place to encourage the use an agency’s services. Clients make the best marketing tool as they talk to others about how they fare in the game. This makes it worth it for companies to incentivize their clients to speak up.

We want to ensure that our clients know of ways that they can save money and share their experiences with their friends. Tractus Online has created ¬†affiliate links to help them get recognized when a referral of theirs go through. Here’s what you need to know.

The 200/20 Story

The program ¬†is really great for both the current client and the referral. We give a referral fee of $200 for every referral that becomes a client of Tractus Online. That’s $200 that can be credited towards your next project, or earmarked for something else in the horizon. The money can make a lot of difference. An extra $200 to be used in marketing can mean more customers for you in the future.

Similarly, each referral get 20% off our web services. Websites can be costly, but with your help, it doesn’t have to be. Your referral will automatically get 20% their web needs that they hire Tractus out to do. It’s a pretty win-win from where we are seeing it.

Tractus Online Referral Program

Tractus Online Referral Program Terms

As a client, you can create an affiliate link to dole out and share with others. This link is tied to you and only you and is what we use to verify that the referral came from you. Another great part is that we don’t put a cap on how many you can refer. Leave the affiliate link somewhere on your site. You can add the link on your e-mail marketing. Anywhere that you can think of, as long as your referrals go through using that link, it will automatically credited to you. No wondering on whether or not it was you, or someone else. We’ll have the record of it!

So greet this new year with extra money. Start referring your friend, families, and business contacts to Tractus Online and get those referrals piling up for your use. If you need a website, or marketing, contact us here to learn more about services we are able to provide. We’ll even throw in that extra 20% off just for kicks.What say ye?

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