Tractus is now Embrk: A new marketing, branding, and software development agency.

Trey Business

For the last year I have been surfing with a friend of mine named Justin who recently ‘retired’. He had sold his company and was now financially secure enough for he and his family to live in comfort without him holding a ‘job’. This friend of mine is addicted to business and over the last year each morning when we’d go surfing he would continually give me advice on different things that Tractus could do to improve as a company.

Around 4 months ago Justin and I were at lunch and I said to him, “Ok, head in the clouds idea. You have tons of time, and a lot of passion about different ways we can improve my company, what if you come out of retirement and we build up Tractus together?”. This conversation triggered a long chain of events in which he came out of retirement and we almost immediately began talks with another friend of ours which had a similar company to Tractus about merging.

Fast forward to now and Tractus has merged with this other incredible Marketing Agency who’s skills directly compliment our own, they have so much talent in the Ad, Design, Content Strategy, and Marketing areas which directly compliment our own skills in Software Development and Online Marketing.

Because we have so much more to offer now than ever before, we felt that the new combined team needed a new name. We settled on Embrk.

If you have worked with Tractus in the past, we look forward to continuing to serve you. If you are new to working with Tractus, we look forward to continuing to serve you. Either way, allow me to be the first to welcome you aboard as we Embrk together.

Trey and the Embrk Team