The reason that video marketing is more important now than ever

Top Video Marketing Trends For 2018

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It is no secret that video marketing is going viral. Brands are using video content more than ever today, especially on social media. Below are a few trends that we are seeing in the video world that you may want to use for your business’ online strategy.

3 tips for video marketing

Going Live

Just about every social media platform now has the ability of allowing you to go live, and people are utilizing it. A recent study shows that 13% of web traffic from video comes from live video marketing, making it more relevant than ever. The best part about going live on Instagram and Facebook is that it notifies your followers every time that you do, keeping you relevant in their feeds.


With the high quality cameras on smartphones, just about everyone is a videographer. In the moment videos shot on mobile are extremely popular, especially those posted to Instagram and Facebook stories. Mobile apps now allow you to edit videos straight from your phone, so the need for any extra equipment is becoming less.

Sponsored Video Marketing

Facebook allows for video advertising, which is a great way for a business to reach their desired audience. Rather than posting a regular ad, businesses can create engaging video content and target their desired audience. The best part about sponsored video on social is that all of the analytics are made available to you including the average time the video was played, if it was replayed, if the user listened with or without sound and more.

Strategies for video marketing

Video marketing is more relevant than ever and big brands are finding new and unique ways associated with video content to engage their audiences. To read more about video marketing, click here. To see what we can do to improve your brand’s online strategy, click here

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