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Top Social Media Marketing Campaigns By Big Brands

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Top companies are finding unique and creative social media marketing strategies in efforts to go viral and expand their brand recognition. Often times these companies implement a team of creatives to come up with a campaign and implement unique hashtags to make it trackable. Below are a few of the top social media campaigns created by national brands that have recently broke ground.

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Airbnb and Social Media Marketing

Airbnb is no stranger to the social media world, as this is a main way for them to market their mobile app. With the recent introduction of the trips feature that allows users to gain insight on where the locals hang out on a city-by-city basis, Airbnb created a specific social media campaign to promote this. Airbnb live streamed videos on Facebook in six different countries to help promote their “We Are Here” campaign. The live videos of different experiences such as behind the scene cooking demonstrations from local restaurants at a given destination helped make viewers feel as if they were actually there. The campaign was so successful, that over 6 million participants worldwide joined in on the conversation.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is no stranger to the Snapchat world, especially with their most recent Cinco De Mayo social media marketing campaign. Taco Bell created a Snapchat geofilter that actually allowed users to turn themselves into a taco. This fun and unique filter quickly went viral, and it became the most viewed Snapchat filter to date garnering over 224 million views in a single day. The filter went live for one day only, but was more successful than filters that were implemented for even a week’s time. This fun and silly marketing method seemed to be the best way for Taco Bell to engage with its audience, even more so than any TV commercial campaign they’ve ever ran.


Back in 2013, Instagram’s creator sought out to find a new logo for his social media marketing app. He implemented the hashtag #MyInstagramLogo which prompted creatives to get involved and engage in the campaign by creating logos of their own, uploading them to the app and then utilizing the hashtag. One user went to the lengths of creating their renditions of the Instagram logo out of slime, and in May of 2016, Instagram released an almost identical logo to this rendering. Once the new logo was released, the hashtag once again became popular, truly showing the longevity of the campaign.

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Many national brands are finding new and unique ways to implement social media marketing campaigns in efforts for their exposure to go viral. Social media is a great marketing method, allowing users to interact with those campaigns by engaging the audience in a fun way. Want to know what we can do for you in terms of social media? Click here.  Want to read more about social media tips and strategies for businesses? Click here

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