3 recent Facebook changes you should look out for

Top Recent Facebook Updates To Look Out For

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Facebook rolls out new algorithms and updates on almost a weekly basis. Some of these updates are small changes, and some are big. Below are a few recent updates as of December 2017 that you should know about.

Facebook changes in the social media marketing world

Facebook Messenger Broadcast

The social media platform has internally developed a way for businesses to send mass messages to their customers through the Messenger feature. This will be a great way for businesses to reach their audience as it will ensure the user receives a message notification rather than the possibility of missing an organic post. This will be a great way to reach those that have liked your page, hoping they have the Messenger app installed/turned on.

Multicultural Affinity Tool Disabled

With paid social media marketing, Facebook used to allow targeting by multicultural affinity groups. It was not until recently the social media platform turned this feature off due to concerns of discrimination. The feature allowed advertisers to target those exhibiting behaviors that would place them in the African American, Hispanic or Asian American communities. This feature has been turned off until further notice.

Advertising Principles Shared

Many users have wondered what factors come into play in regards to the paid advertising approval process. To answer those questions, Facebook has released a more in depth outline of their advertising principles inclusive of policies on discriminatory and offensive ads. The social media platform hopes the clarification of their advertising principles will reduce the amount of confusion among their advertisers.

Changes in Facebook paid advertising

Facebook has made some major changes in just the last few months, and we expect to see it evolve even more in the near future. To read more about top social media marketing trends expected to be seen in the new year, click here. To learn more about our social media management services for your business large or small, click here

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