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Top Mobile Apps Currently On The Market

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Mobile makes the world go round as over half of worldwide internet traffic comes from a mobile device. Mobile apps allow for businesses to house their platforms on a smartphone for easy access by its users. Below are some of the top apps that we currently see on the market including information on some of their best features.

3 of the top mobile apps currently on the market

MailChimp Masters Mobile Apps

MailChimp is an e-mail marketing platform that has done an exceptional job in developing a user-friendly interface when it comes to mobile apps. The MailChimp app allows for the creation of e-mail marketing campaigns on the go with just a few simple taps. You can modify campaigns, edit subscribers and check a campaign’s progress all from their easy-to-use application.


When it comes to social media management mobile apps, HootSuite takes the cake. Their easy to use interface allows social media managers to schedule and edit their content calendars from the palm of their hands. You can even monitor the progress of your campaigns on the app using their analytics tool. HootSuite seems to lay things out nicely, making things simple for social media managers worldwide.


Feedback is vital for businesses, and SurveyMonkey makes gathering the necessary data to obtain that feedback simple. Using the mobile app, businesses are able to create and even participate in surveys from the palm of their hand to help measure progress. Creating, sending and analyzing polls have never been so easy thanks to one of the best mobile apps on the market.

Why having a mobile app is important for business

Mobile apps are important for businesses to implement as they are a great way to remain relevant to your audience as well as make money with the cost associated with downloads and/or monthly fees. To read more about top applications on the market, click here. To learn about our mobile app development services, click here

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