3 of the top digital marketing campaigns for the year 2017

Top Digital Marketing Campaigns For 2017

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Now that 2017 is coming to a close, it’s time to reflect on the top digital marketing campaigns for the year. Just like gauging the top films, television shows and books of the year, businesses look at what big brands have done to gain some inspiration based off their creativity. Below are the top digital campaigns of 2017.

big brands and digital marketing this year

Gucci Does Digital Marketing

Italian fashion brand Gucci decided to create a campaign targeted towards their millennial audience, and it was quite successful. Gucci created social media posts that were reflective of popular memes, and incorporated the hashtag #TFWGucci (that feeling when Gucci), based off a popular online catchphrase. By incorporating relevant meme humor and catch phrases, Gucci was able to make their younger audience receptive towards their brand. The memes garnered almost 2 million likes.

Airbnb’s Relevant Campaign

Airbnb created a digital marketing campaign in the form of a video about acceptance that went viral. Because the video was created and released directly after the government issued travel ban, people were receptive to the message because of its relevancy. They showed faces of people of different races and used the hashtag #WeAccept. Because the campaign wasn’t too political, and gave the brand an approachable feel to everyone, it was a huge hit with over 5 million views in just one month on YouTube.

Know Your Lemons

Worldwide Breast Cancer created a digital marketing campaign to inform women on the signs of breast cancer using lemons. They depicted 12 lemons in an egg carton that all showed different signs of the disease. This was a clever way to present such a trying subject to women all while being educational at the same time. In just a month’s time, the campaign had a reach of over 7 million, making it a huge success.

3 of the top digital marketing strategies for 2017

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