the hottest apple watch apps for 2017

Top Apple Watch Apps For 2017

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The Apple Watch is one of the hottest and newest gadgets on the market. Its sleek and compact design along with a plethora of capabilities have quickly made this one of the best selling products created by Apple. One of the best features that comes with the device is the ability to run Apple Watch apps conveniently from your wrist. The apps are designed and tailored to run on a smaller scale in comparison to apps ran on an iPhone or iPad. Below are a few of the hottest apps available on the Apple Watch for 2017.

which apple watch apps to download for 2017

Workout Using Apple Watch Apps With Strava

It seems like there are a million workout apps available out there on the App Store, but Strava seems to take the cake when it comes to tracking your every move on the Apple Watch. Strava has full GPS tracking capabilities, making it perfect for runners and bikers alike. The app has a running watch, a dedicated distance measurement tool and also live pacing. In terms of workout apps, Strava is the best one out there when it comes to usability on the Apple Watch.

Sports With ESPN

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to keeping up with your favorite team’s scores during anticipated football season, ESPN reigns in terms of Apple Watch Apps. ESPN will give you a play-by-play in terms of scoring updates with your favorite teams in a variety of sports. Now you  can conveniently (and discreetly) check scores while on the go, at dinner, in meetings and more. ESPN also offers breaking news alerts in the app, keeping you in the know in the sports world.

Vocalize With Just Press Record

For those who like to voice record, whether that be for a note taking alternative to jotting down tasks, for journalistic purposes in an interview or recording a song that you heard that you want to find later, Just Press Record is your go-to in Apple Watch Apps for recording. The best part about the app is your audio recording will sync to iCloud, making it easily accessible on your iPhone and or iPad. In conjunction with the Apple Watch App, Just Press Record offers transcription on the iPhone app, providing a comprehensive text file of everything that was said and or heard.

what apple watch apps are the best and why

Apple Watch Apps are at the forefront of technology, so offering a user friendly app to those with an Apple Watch is extremely important in marketing your business (and to remain relevant). Click here to learn more about what we can do for you in terms of developing an app for your business that is Apple Watch friendly, and click here to read more about the importance of mobile apps. 

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