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5 Tips to Increase Online Sales for Your Business

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E-commerce sales are projected to receive nearly $80 billion over the next few weeks and heading into 2016 the growth rate is only climbing higher. Is your website turning visitors into customers? By next year, mobile shopping alone is predicted to be one fourth of all e-commerce sales. In order to ride this wave, here are five simple things you can do to increase your online sales.


“My” works better than “your”

“Start my free trial” is more appealing than “Start your free trial”. The word ‘my’ creates a sense of ownership and suggests that people claim whatever it is you may be offering on your website.

Assure your customers that privacy is respected

No one enjoys giving away their email address online. Past experience would show that this opens the doors to unwanted spam and company newsletters. Reassure them that their information will not be shared. For example, “We won’t ever disclose your information. We hate spam too.”

Boost your product’s desirability by adding images, videos, and reviews

The more ‘real’ the online experience is, the more likely you’ll be restocking your sold out shelves. The generic side-view single image no longer meets the demands of the online shopping experience. People want to read reviews, watch videos, and scroll through images about each product they are searching for.

Change the color of your ‘buy’ buttons

Colors matter and ,for example, orange buttons encourage people to act, and in your case, buy. People are accustomed to sites like eBay and Amazon, who popularized orange buttons for a call-to-action. This is a case that it’s okay to follow the crowd.

Offer free shipping

Research shows that free shippig is the number one thing that convinces visitors to buy. It has proven to work for Amazon, try it out. Look at your business model and see if you can make the numbers fit.

These are some of the ways your site might increase sales and boost conversion rates. As the e-commerce trend continues to grow, make sure your business is growing and reaping the benefits too. If you feel your business isn’t seeing success online, contact our e-commerce experts for help with your website conversions.

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