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A constant question in the mind of digital business owners is “how do I convert using email?” At the end of the day, converting marketing contacts into customers is the entire purpose of marketing efforts. Businesses have databases of emails from various sources, and it’s left to them to figure out what to say to these 100’s or 1000’s of potential and return customers about their product or service. Today we offer a short list of simple, proven tips that, if put into action, will improve your conversion rate.

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1. Strategic Subject Line

When you see one among thousands of emails that enter your inbox on a regular basis, what makes you click it rather than delete it? First, either knowing who it’s from, or feeling comfortable with who it’s from. This step is about brand integrity, and name recognition (perhaps a blog post for another day). For today, we focus on the second thing that makes you open the email: the subject line. If you want to get past the “gatekeeper,” you need to draw the reader in from the start. The subject line gets your foot in the door just long enough to catch the eye, and earn your 30 seconds of the reader’s attention. Be interesting, relevant, audience specific, and unique. Always remind yourself what kind of subject line will make you click on an email.

2. Readable, Pristine, Conversational Copy

Once you’ve made it past the first click, you’ll be undone if your copy is poor. Focus on sounding how you speak, and let the reader get to know you a little. Avoid jargon, avoid sounding like a marketer. Just engage with the customer the way you would do so if they were sitting next to you. Avoid the excessive use of all caps. It’s unprofessional, and can come off aggressive, or spammy. Be relaxed, professional, polished, and engaging. Edit the copy scrupulously to avoid simple errors that may turn off a potential customers. If you do everything else right it won’t matter if your copy is sloppy.

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3. Tap Into FOMO

I can’t tell you how many times I have clicked the call to action in an email or advertisement because the content seemed relevant, time-sensitive, and enticing. For me, it’s usually guitar gear. Guitar companies will send me advertisements via email, or using my cookies to reach out via social media. I don’t click all the time, but when I see special offers, sales, limited products (similar to ones that I have a history of searching and buying), or other similar things, they get me every time. Make the person reading the email feel as if they will miss something important, or exciting if they do not click through. The fear of missing out, or “FOMO,” is a very powerful aspect of effective marketing. “This week only,” “limited special edition,” “20% off now through…,” etc. The language comes naturally to your mind when you think about it. Think about your target market, consider what would make them move, and then carefully apply FOMO as an aspect of your email marketing.

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Whether all of these ideas are old tools in your belt, or they’re brand new information, the fact remains that your email marketing efforts could always use a tune up. No one is perfect yet in this regard. Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can improve your digital marketing. If you need help right away because you’ve already made some mistakes, reach out now to correct course. If your efforts have worked well thus far, but you need help moving forward, make us your strategic partner to help you avoid mistakes before you make them, and get a leg up now, rather than later.

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