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Three Content Rules to Keep Your Audience Engaged

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business

Nobody likes to read boring blogs. Content nowadays require a little bit more personality than technical documents. If you are giving a tutorial, or sharing some event, you need to follow these three content rules. Engaging content is what drives traffic to your site and encourages users to share that content with others.

By creating a pattern that is distinguishable by your readers, it makes your content memorable and turns you into a more memorable and creative writer. Let’s dive into the three rules.

Create a Story that Lets Readers Tag Along

3 content rules arcStories provide concise and memorable patterns. You set up the story. Then, you provide conflict. Finally, you reach a resolution. When you tell a story, you provide an escape from reality and often the solution mimics that in real life. Naturally, readers will respond positively when you bring them along.

Three Content Rules Stick

Present ideas and thoughts in groups of three. For example, “life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness” or “I came, I saw, I conquered” sums up pretty well ideologies where they are popularized. Three in this sense is easy to remember.¬†Three might just be the perfect number when it comes to remembering things. Stick to the rule of three.

Make them Laugh

Humor is a double-edged sword. You have to hope that your audience will understand your joke. When it does work, it usually reaps big rewards. As a content writer, you can learn to exploit how the reader will perceive your humor and set up the laugh. This is done by allowing the tension to build and then be released to the surprise and absurdity contained in the writing.

Three simple rules to keep in mind when you write. Each using what you know about your audience to encourage them to engage in conversation with you. If your marketing plan is needing some direction, go ahead and contact Tractus Online to steer your boat to the right direction. Smooth sailing to greater engagement is just beyond the horizon.

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