Influencer marketing strategies to consider for your business

The Future of Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing is something that has recently been adopted by brands when it comes to their social media strategies. There are many predictions that we can make about where this form of marketing is heading based on current trends. Below are a few of the directions that we expect to see this type of advertising head in the near future.

3 predictions we expect to see in influencer marketing

Influencer Marketing Groups

In the influencer world, many of these public figures are connected with one another in some form. Influencers usually have a certain type of genre, whether that be lifestyle, food or fashion. These influencers come together with a common interest, and consistently collaborate with one another. You can expect to get referrals from one influencer to another, or even have influencer groups that are interested in pooling their followers together to promote a common experience. Regardless, the days of the individual influencer promotions are becoming less and less.


Some brands have rules in place regarding the amount of followers an influencer must have before being considered for a promotion. Although influencers with followers in the hundreds of thousands and even millions are still very much coveted, we’re seeing brands engage with influencers that boast a much lower following, but produce quality content. Some of these influencers with fewer followers may just be getting started, but they also may have loyal followers that are receptive to their message.


We expect to see a better sense of transparency when it comes to influencer marketing in the future. Due to recent FTC crackdowns and guidelines, brands are having to disclose their working relationships with influencers in order to keep trust high. Whether that means using the “paid partnership” feature on Instagram, or stating that the influencer is a brand partner or sponsored, we can expect to see full disclosure when it comes to these working relationships.

Influencer marketing ideas to consider for your business

Influencer marketing is still relatively new, but we are already seeing it drastically change and evolve in the short period of time it has been around. If you want to learn more about this type of marketing, click here. Want to know what we can do for you in terms of implementing a social media strategy? Contact us

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