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The Case for Emphasizing Mobile Compatibility in Online Efforts

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You can’t go very long these days without hearing someone’s take on smartphone usage. The ubiquity of advanced phones with versatile capabilities brings many perspectives, critical and otherwise. Love them or hate them, smartphones are becoming, for many people, the primary means by which they access the internet. According to statistics analyzing data up through 2017, 47.96% of total access to the internet, globally, comes through phones. Related to this, about half of online shoppers opt for the convenience of mobile platforms. Based on this, a new emphasis on mobile accessibility is warranted.

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1. Focus on Mobile First

Fewer and fewer people are using traditional internet browsers on personal computers. While your websites, applications, and social media should be compatible with traditional web browsers as well, you should start by focusing on mobile compatibility. Moving forward, having a mobile platform as the initial basis of your online efforts will make future adjustments simpler.

2. Why Mobile?

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to navigate a website that does not change the format to match mobile browsers and apps. The functionality and aesthetics are never what they should be. Either most of the page is not visible, or if it is the whole page is too zoomed out to be legible. Furthermore, cell phones can be turned and flipped, in a way that a traditional computer cannot. PC compatibility comes naturally when building new applications and pages, mobile compatibility does not, and thus represents a greater frustration.

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3. How to Get Started

No matter where you’re at in regards to mobile accessibility and adjustability for your online tools, there’s room to improve. Contact us today to see where you need to go next. Whether you have no mobile compatibility, or you’re fully decked out, strategizing new improvements and future plans will always redound to the benefit of your business.

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