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Ten WordPress Myths Debunked and Explained Why

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WordPress is one of the most used platforms when it comes to development. It only makes sense that such a pillar comes with its own set of myths to help define what it is that it really does. WordPress myths range from security to scalability and it’s downright comparison to ‘custom’ websites coded from scratch.

In reality, these myths support WordPress more than anything else. So, if you have ever questioned the ability of WordPress to impress, here are ten myths around it and its explanations.

WordPress Myths About Cost

  1. It’s free, so it’s not professional – Who doesn’t love free stuff!? If anything, this should be celebrated. WordPress is an open-source platform that allows many users to create stunning websites to attract customers, inform readers, and provide relevant information to consumers. While there are certain free features, premium hosting can cost you about $3000 a month just to begin. The platform is extremely versatile whether you are using it for free, or paying.
  2. Why pay for something without e-commerce support? – When WordPress first started, e-commerce was not really a thing, so it made sense that as the need for e-commerce support grew, WordPress followed suit. Many plugins allow for that much needed support and they are super easy to set up with WordPress.
  3. I’m not paying for slow service – Don’t blame WordPress for that. Slow speeds are associated with the hosting site. The setup for sites is super easy and is┬áSEO-friendly.

Services Are Lacking

4. It’s just for blogging – It may have started as a blogging platform, but it is one of the biggest content management systems (CMS) out there! Companies like TechCrunch, BBC America, and Beyonce herself, use WordPress. Big brands love WP.

5. You can’t scale – Number 4 just proved that you can.

6. When you’re stuck, you’re stuck – WordPress supports you no matter how big your company is, even if it is your personal blog.

7. It’s not responsive – The greatness of open-source comes from the community. There are many WordPress Themes out there that offer mobile, web, and other screens that your customers would view your site. Check some here.

Wordpress-Myths-FeaturedManagement is a Pain

8. Website management – ManageWP is a plugin that allows you to see all your sites in a single dashboard and keep tabs on what is important.

9. Too Many Plugins – No such thing. It means that whatever you need, we have an answer for that. It there isn’t you can easily create one that will help you manage your site.

10. Security is messy – Constant updates keep you and your information safe. While nothing is 100% foolproof, WordPress is dedicated to ensuring that the information you trust us with is safe.

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