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Targeting Your Audience With Google AdWords Campaigns

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There are many benefits to sitting down with an agency and going over Google AdWords. Google has become a household name when it comes to search. On any given day, there are about 3.5 billion searches worldwide. That’s a lot of potential customers that you could be reaching.

With the change in Google’s mobile algorithm coming into effect, we’re going to provide you how Google AdWords can help with your marketing campaigns. AdWords can help with targeting your audience, provide with a lot of creative directions and control, and give you the measurement your company needs to improve. Now, let’s tackle the first AdWords benefit, targeting.

Be found on Google AdWords

Google search take a big market share of all searches. Google AdWords can help get you found| PC: SEO Heights

Targeting on Google AdWords.

On your campaigns, it is important for your ads to show to the right audience. This allows you to better craft and ad that will attract all the right people. Targeting with Google AdWords gives your company the ability to pinpoint the right time for your ad and specify which demographic to create an a campaign.

Different targeting used by Google AdWords include:

  • Keyword Targeting – having highly relevant keywords that increases your chance to show your ads to the most interested customer.
  • Location and Language – AdWords can determine who to show your ads based on your geographic location, or the language set on the customers device.
  • Device Targeting – determine what kind of ads to create based on what device your customer is using
  • Audience/Retargeting – if they have been to your site before, have an ad that makes them feel special by recognizing that they have been there.

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