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What Startups Should Know About SEO: 4 Key Takeaways

Ekaterina Lepikhina Marketing

As a startup or a small business you have a lot to focus on. From choosing the right product selection to getting more people visiting your site. Fighting for the top spot in Google search is tough and it is not always clear what to do and what to expect. Take a long breath and read on: we have gathered a short list of key things every startup should know about search engine optimization.

Focus on Words That Matter To Your Business and Your Visitors

Keywords are words and phrases people are typing in google search to find what they need. And keywords are an essential element of Search Engine Optimization. Start thinking of what your customers are looking for (red shoes? buy red shoes? funky red shoes with blue stripes in LA?) and make a list of phrases and words that reflect your business and your customers’ needs. Then consult with an SEO expert and drill down your list to the most valuable searchable and profitable keywords. SEO experts will help you optimize your site for the targeted keywords which (together with other elements of SEO) will result in increased number of visitors who find what they are looking for on your site.

Let The Experts Handle The Technical Side Of It

Even if you are a programmer, that is not enough to make all the changes to your website in order to optimize it for search engines. There are a lot of bells and whistles, ever changing algorithms and penalties, that we strongly recommend you hire an expert that will either guide you through the process or do all the dirty work for you. Because fixing things after unsuccessful attempt is a lot harder than just making everything work from the very beginning.

Social Media Is A Big Deal For Your Rankings

Social Media Optimization is a huge part of overall SEO strategy. And it is not only about creating profiles. It is about consistent targeted strategy that involves smart linking to your site, establishing your company as a trusted source of information, timely updates, relevant content and sending your followers to specific pages of your site. Consult with SMO or SEO expert that will help you come up with a strategy first. And then if you are on a low budget and have enough time to handle all the social media activity, you can do it yourself. Just stick to the strategy, follow all the industry trends in social media world, monitor and keep adjusting your tactics. Just jumping on Facebook and posting randomly wouldn’t help. Otherwise, hire an expert.

SEO Takes Time, Monitoring and Constant Changes

Do not believe blatant promises of getting your site ranked and visible on the first page of Google in a month (especially if you were on page 15 before). First results from SEO take at least 3-6 months. Stay away from hiring such companies, otherwise you will end up paying double price for the consequences: penalties from Google, droppings in rankings after initial “good results”, fake traffic that won’t mean a thing for your business.
Also, do not expect doing one time thing and forgetting about it. SEO is an ongoing process. Google algorithms are always changing, users change their search behavior and guess what? Your competition is doing SEO as well. And that means that even if you have gotten to the top of the page, they will push you down very soon when you stop putting any efforts into SEO.

SEO is a complex process and a necessity for any business with a website. Don’t consider SEO services as an expense because it is an investment. An investment that will significantly grow your business over time. Choose wisely before starting on your SEO adventure. Check your website SEO score and get an idea of possible issues before jumping into fixing things. Consult with SEO experts, get your strategy in place and be patient. The results will pay off.

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