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Startup Conferences: The What and Why and Need to Know.

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It seems like every service that you use for business has a conference that they want you to attend. Marketing conferences, like Salesforce and Hubspot or customer relations conferences, like DOMOpalooza, Qualtrics CXWeek, or HireVue’s Summit, have been attracting many of its clients to meet other users and get to know their products and services. With breakout sessions and live workshops, these conferences are sure becoming a hit.


As an entrepreneur, networking is a key asset in getting your company in from of the right people. Decision makers tend to attend conferences and being at the right place at the right now may just be what you need. Here’s the low down on the different kinds of startup conferences that you should be attending.


Company/Locally-sponsored startup conferences & Hackathons

Every now and then, you will see something on Eventbrite about a free conference, or a hackathon. Sometimes, a company will sponsor it as a marketing or recruiting effort. These smaller events are perfect for an entrepreneur with business ideas that need to get off the ground. You can meet potential co-founders, CTOs, and learn how you could run your business with minimal worris.


Startup Weekend. The whole organization is about educating and bringing together people. Empowered by Google for Entrepreneurs, there is a whole slew of local hackathons that you can participate in. If there isn’t one, you can easily put them together with the help of the Startup Weekend crew.

Regional Conferences

These are often put together to promote a product or service. You will find a little bit more established businesses here looking for more ideas from speakers and other guests. The invited guests and speakers are a little bit known in the industry.


Founders Weekend. Dubbed as Southern Utah’s Largest Entrepreneurial Conference, its aim to show guests how to start, scale, and grow their businesses through breakout sessions and one on one training. The venue is no joke either. Regional startup conferences like this draw up a lot of support from many businesses and they usually sponsor to have a product out. For you, use this time to get to know the business side of people.

startup conferences bring people to each oth

Making connections is one the main purpose of startups conference.

Global Conferences

Great for ideas and to help you expand your network, global startup conferences are attended by people from all over the world. Many US-based businesses will go to these and strike up a deal with Chinese business for cheaper costs/labor. The speakers are also super impressive, but it is easy to get lost because there are so many.


StartGrind. StratupGrind wants to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs. The cool thing about Startup Grind is that unlike other startup conferences, it is business focused with super little tech talk. They also start out as local chapters so that you can have a moment with other entrepreneurs. Most attendees of Startup Grind are members of their local chapter groups. It’s grassroots will local roots.

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