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E-Commerce Site for Your Business and How to Start

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With summer coming to a close and the holidays just a couple of months away, many businesses turn to their e-commerce site to bring in some extra dough and increase traffic and revenue. The National Retail Federation expect an 8-12 per cent increase in e-commerce growth this year. That’s three times the amount of online growth from the previous year and shows online retail as a huge market in the years to come. So how do you start your own marketplace? Here’s 10 things to think about to get you going.

Your E-Commerce Site for Your Business

E-Commerce Checklist Featured

  1. Have a Business Name – Chose a name that you can easily connect with your product. It’s also good to avoid trademark infringement, so do a corporate name search.
  2. Get a Website – If you are already an established business, you probably already have a website. Learn how to add e-commerce on to your existing platform.
  3. Register Your Business – Choose your business structure. There are pros and cons to the type you decide to choose.
  4. Your EIN – Your Employer ID Number works a bit like your Social Security number. You’ll need it to file your taxes.
  5. The Right Permits – Don’t just run a business without finding out which ones you’ll need to operate legally.

On the Marketing Side

  1. Vendors – Shop around for the company that will help you sell, sell, sell.
  2. Marketing that Ish – Use Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat to drum up some buzz about what you’re doing
  3. What Software to Use – Make sure you have a customer relationship management, accounting, project management, and email marketing software to keep track of your clients.

Keep Selling

  1. Keep It Stocked – Make sure that you have something to sell. Always make sure that your inventory is in good condition.
  2. Compliant – The key to staying long in the game is following the rules, so make sure you do so!

Startups don’t have to be rocky. By making sure that you have everything prepared to hit the ground running, you’ll be able to run a smooth operation with very little to worry about. If you see yourself needing help with anything on this list, contact us at Tractus Online and we are more than happy to help you get the ball rolling.

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