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Social Selling Caters to Your Audiences Desire to Participate

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Social selling is the use of your social networks to obtain your goals. However, many companies do not know what the term means and fall prey to poor marketing of their product. In order to take advantage of this new trend, you must know what it does and its effect on your business.

What is Social Selling?

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This new trend is aimed at cultivating personal relationships rather than to a general populace. According to Charlie Treadwell, Symantec’s Senior Director of Marketing, anyone one in an organization that has contact with a customer needs to be familiar with social selling.

It is when you provide information that connects, discusses, and creates trust in a way that provides the relationship value that you do this selling best. It becomes a personal relationship.

A Reason to Come

One way to provide value is by giving your customers a reason to come to your site. This could come as a free download, or a webinar that can be useful. A lot of companies employ the use of blogs to give customers tips, news, or other important information that they can use to grow their business.

Using a CRM, like Hubspot, can help you keep track of the kind of information your customers would deem important. You should think about a problem your customers face and pertinent information to help counter the problem. Provide some humor in what you post to gather some laughs. Social media has become a great platform for answering questions and getting some comic relief in the minutia of work.

If you create the content, customers will come.

Show Some Love

social selling feature

Social proof is big game these days. If you thought that tagging was something done with aerosol cans, think again. Customers love being recognized for following certain brands. With the rise of crowdfunding sites, like Kickstarter, your customer wants a piece of your pie. This is done by tagging them on your social platforms for others to see. Some companies encourage their customers to send them photos that they then repost and give credit to the customers.

You can feature them on your blog. Use their photos on social media. Mention them in your comments. This makes them want to share more as others see that when they contribute, they get something. Video sites will often do giveaways for liking, or subscribing to their pages. Not only does the following grow, but you are also building links that can be traced back to your site.

It’s not stalking.

Social media is here to stay and using it to make your jobs easier is definitely a must. Tractus Online keeps itself up to date with the latest trends that have proved themselves to be powerful tools in making your business work. From website design, to content, to marketing, having the advantage against your competition is key to being sustainable. Let us know how we can help in your endeavor!

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