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Social Media Updates You Don’t Want To Miss

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When it comes to social media, updates are constantly being implemented to make platforms both more user friendly and more business friendly. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are working day and night to fix bug issues and make changes that enhance the usability of each website. Below are a few current updates that you don’t want to miss.

3 new updates with social media

Instagram Shopping

Retailers can now tag products within their Instagram photos directing the user to their website for a seamless purchasing experience. This update works by having your product catalog linked to your business manager on the back end and then tagging the product(s) in a given photo. This update was meant to enhance the Instagram shopping experience and is sure to track the purchasing habits of social media users even further than it already does.

Instagram Activity Status

Much like Facebook’s messenger tool, its sister social media platform Instagram now shows your online activity status with people you have messaged recently. The widget in the direct message feature will show your friends how many minutes or hours it has been since you last checked your feed for content. There is also an “active now” alert that will be shown if you are scrolling through your timeline at the same as a person checks the feature. This feature can be easily turned off if you don’t wish to share the information.

Social Media Incorporates GIFS

Instagram is getting ready to roll out GIF stickers within the Instagram story sticker library. Instagram users will now be able to add moving stickers to their stories in addition to adding their location, time and polls. Instagram has been testing this feature since November and we expect to see it being rolled out within the few days ahead.

top emerging social media trends

Social media platforms, especially Instagram, are consistently updating to remain fun and fresh. If you’d like to learn more about our online marketing services, click here. To learn about other new trends in the online world, click here

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