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5 Social Media Trends You Need to Know Going Into 2016

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With the new year right around the corner, as a business you want to stay on top of the newest online marketing trends, especially trends in social media.The traction and traffic from social media in 2016 will only be growing. Here are a few things to consider as you look into the future.

1. Customer service through social media will grow

With over a 30% increase of inbound messages on social media this year, we can only expect this number to grow going into 2016. Call centers are becoming a last resort option not only for Millennials but for everyone. 65% of people say they prefer social media to a company’s call center. Be sure to allocate resources to respond and engage with each and every customer this coming year.

It's not just he young who are involved

2. In-app user time will increase

Time spent on social media will increase in 2016. The only question now is, which platform will keep users hooked the longest? Facebook has come out with “instant articles” which allow publishers to post interactive articles and encourag the users to view news articles without leaving the site. The hope of this initiative is that users will no longer need to leave Facebook to read the news going on around the world. Pinterest has also jumped on-board to increase their in-app user time. With the new visual search option, users can search for items seen in other pins without navigating to a new page.

3. The power of video marketing will grow

The growth of Snapchat’s 10 second videos is clear evidence of this trend. The company has had 3X growth (6 billion daily video views) in only the past 6 months. YouTube users watch +50 hours of video every month. Facebook is also making video views more accessible by instantly playing videos as users scroll through their feed. Live streaming, webinars, and video reviews will continue to rise in popularity as well. By 2019 80% of internet traffic will be attributed to video. In this case, ignorance is not bliss.

The internet is video

4. “Buy” buttons will take over

With Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram offering new “buy” features to their advertisers and users, we can project that other social platforms will follow suit. The number of mobile app users is rapidly increasing and one click purchase features will only grow in popularity. This may be your best option for future advertising campaigns.

5. In-the-moment updates will dominate

Social media is already naturally “in-the-moment” but with programs like Periscope and Facebook Live Broadcasts this could be taken to a whole new level. Active social media users want to know what’s happening as it’s happening, not a summary or recap of events. These new programs could usher in a new age of immediacy that we have not yet seen. The days of scheduling social media content in advance could soon be obsolete. You should explore this strategy in 2016.

As your business is looking to expand in 2016, make sure you are aware of the current trends and create a strategy to capture the value social media has to offer. If you feel that your business is just following the masses and you want to get ahead of the competition, contact our social media team for help with your future projects.

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