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Best Social Media Practices and How to Keep Them

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business

What are some tried and true social media practices? Can these really help establish your company among the many others that are vying for customer attention? If there is anything that social media has taught us, it is that fame or demise is just a post away. Social media support can come from sites like Hootsuite, Buffer, and Moz as they help curate and give your team guidelines on what to post and how to post.

If you want your brand to be known for something truly amazing, follow these tried and true key concepts.

Know Your Voice

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How far will you go? Well, that depends on if you know where to go. IMG from Buzzfeed

Train your social media team to your branding guidelines for best social media practices. Random posts have their place, but creating a superb social media site means having a consistent voice that resonate with your audience that they will recognize. If your posts in the past don’t life up to your new voice, feel free to take them down. It is better to have consistency in the game.

Know Where You Should Be

For business, it is always good to have Facebook or Twitter to stay in touch with customer and let them give you feedback, but if you want new customers or get product awareness, maybe Instagram is where you should be spending your time. Getting big ticket customer and more qualified leads and investors is what LinkedIn does best. Take the time to get to know which channels with provide you with the right kind of people.

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Does your product fit in where you are advertising? IMG from Buzzfeed

Social Media Practices Means CCEI

Connect, Engage, Integrate, and Influence. It is important to think about where your audience is and the results you want to get (see the advice above). Use metrics to help you plan where you should be spending your time. Data analytics companies can help provide coaching and consulting is your team is small, or train your team to be better and reading data. Either way, don’t spend time where there aren’t people.

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