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7 Critical Social Media Mistakes That Business Owners Make

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business, Marketing

A lot of times business owners do not realize that social media is the key to success only when it’s done right. We’ve prepared a list of common mistakes made by entrepreneurs when they are marketing their business on social media. Check if you are making any of these mistakes and see how to avoid them.

1. They Choose The Wrong Platform

“Facebook is the most popular social network, my business has to be there!” It does, if your customers are on Facebook and, what’s more important, you can reach them through Facebook. If your business sells t-shirts and your customers are on Facebook and Instagram, prioritize Instagram as it is very visual and that is what you need.

2. They Overwhelm Themselves With Social Presence

“The more profiles I have, the better.” It will work only if you have a social media expert managing all your accounts and if your product is so generic that your customers/clients are everywhere. Most likely though, you are wasting your precious time somewhere you do not have to be. You need to focus on targeting and micro-targeting to define your audience and their behavior.

3. They Think One is Enough

“I have 800 Followers on Twitter, I don’t need Pinterest at all.” It is the opposite extreme of mistake number two. You target one segment of your audience and missing out on a different segment of your audience. Make sure you reach out not only to direct consumers but also to influencers and decision makers that might influence your customers indirectly.

4. They Post The Same Content Everywhere

“I will save myself tons of time by reposting the same post from Twitter to Facebook and LinkedIn.” It might occasionally work only for some posts. In most cases though, it will hurt your social media efforts. Every platform needs different type of content. First, if your content is shown to your audience depends on platform algorithm. And those obviously vary platform to platform. Second, your audience expects different content from you. Otherwise, you lose them.

5. They Schedule, Automate But Don’t Monitor

“I scheduled my posts a month in advance and don’t have to do anything now!” That would be effective if social wasn’t about live interactions, events happening at the moment and your tailored audience interests. Only by tracking, evaluating and changing your content you can achieve results. There is nothing wrong with scheduling. However, only by tracking, evaluating and changing your content you can achieve results. Talk about what’s trending, respond and comment to some recent posts and be interesting.

6. They Register. Post. Disappear. Post.

“I have posted 2 month ago on Twitter and don’t see any results.” Familiar? Business owners get so involved in so many other things that they completely forget that the last time they posted something on Facebook was…when was that? Being inconsistent is your worst social media nightmare and a waste of marketing efforts. With billions of accounts and posts from other people, your business simply fades away. Be present at all times to achieve results.

7. They Over-Post And Lead Their Audience to Digital Ignorance

“I heard that I need to post 4 times a day on Twitter and I will do the same for Facebook.” Mistake. Every platform has its own noise volume. Thus, posting frequency differs. It also depends on your audience presence and activity. Some businesses need to post once a day, while others once over the weekend because their audience is active Saturday through Sunday only. Over-posting will lead to ignorance or even blocking/deleting/hating your account.

If you are making any of these mistakes, you are simply wasting your time and money on social media. And these are just the basics. Social Media marketing is a jungle that you need to explore carefully and get some guidance on the way in order to achieve your goals. Contact experts if you see that your social media efforts are not bringing any results and find out what other mistakes your business is making.

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