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3 Trends to Consider in the Social Media Marketing World

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The social media marketing world is continuously shapeshifting and changing. Platforms roll out new features and interfaces on a daily basis, and it is the job of marketers to keep up with the trends. Below we review the latest and greatest in online trends.

3 trends to consider in the social media marketing world

Instagram Video Tagging

This has been a long awaited feature since social media marketing platform Instagram rolled out video in 2013. You can now tag users in your videos just like photos. Simply tap the small icon on the bottom left of the video, and you can indicate who is featured in the video. This will then show up on that user’s tagged videos housed on their profile.

Spotify For Brands

Spotify for brands has recently rolled out ad experiences as a means for curators to promote their music. You can create an ad with artwork and background music, or even have Spotify provide a voice over actor free of charge. The minimum ad spend is $250, and those who have used the feature are claiming great success.

Twitter Remains Relevant in Social Media Marketing

Twitter just rolled out an audio only broadcast feature that is perfect for broadcasting press conferences, concerts and other audio heavy events that may leave you not wanting to have your phone in your hand the entire time. The feature acts just like the live video, but only utilizes the microphone. This allows users to turn on the feature, set down their smartphone and go about their business.

Key advice for social media marketing

Social media marketing is ever-changing in terms of the features that are continuously introduced. If you want to learn more about new features being introduced by various platforms, click here. If you want to know what we can do for you in terms of managing your social media, click here

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