3 social media marketing tips to consider to beat recent algorithm changes

Social Media Marketing Algorithm Changes

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Many people have heard about the recent algorithm changes implemented by social media marketing platform Facebook. The recent algorithm change has businesses wondering if they need to completely re-think their strategy in order to ensure that their reach and engagement rates stay afloat. Below is a little more information on the algorithm changes that you should keep in mind.
How to adapt to the new social media marketing algorithm changes

Favoring Friends and Family

Facebook is constantly changing its algorithm, but this may be one of the biggest changes that we have seen yet. “It’s important to remember that Facebook is about bringing people together and enabling meaningful social interactions,” said social media marketing platform CEO Mark Zuckerberg during a quarterly Facebook meeting. This could mean that content like video, news and other branded content will rank lower than posts from friends and family to generate more meaningful social interactions.

What Does This Mean

The new social media marketing algorithm change has people wondering how it will impact them. The algorithm will still target individuals based on relevancy, and favor those posts that family and friends already engaged with. News, videos and branded posts will still rank in a person’s news feed if a family or friend interacted with the post. Basically, Facebook is trying to find a happy medium of what it sought out to do when it first started, and where it is at now with adapting to businesses and brands.

Social Media Marketing and Businesses

Facebook still allows businesses to target based on advertising, and Facebook wants its advertisers to be successful as a way to generate revenue. A careful and effective advertising strategy is one main thing that can help keep your brand afloat with the recent algorithm changes. By implementing a meaningful ads campaign, you’ll be able to successfully target your desired audience and generate more revenue.

A strategy to consider in social media marketing

Recent social media marketing algorithm changes have brands wondering if it will affect their business. By understanding the algorithm and incorporating an advertising strategy, you’ll be able to not only adhere to, but beat the algorithm and continue to use social media as a tool to drive business. To learn more about social media trends, click here. To get started with developing an award-winning digital marketing strategy, click here

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