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Many teams today use social media design apps to create stunning visual content for their audience. These apps can be web-based or downloaded on to the device and are pretty keen to what platforms like Twitter or Facebook requires. If your company is using Buffer to schedule out your social media content, then you are probably familiar with Pablo. Pablo, is an extension created by Buffer to facilitate in creating a visual with the need for a designer.

While extensions like these help you put a picture up and decorate it with words, it doesn’t quite fit all of your needs. Here are four more social media design apps to help you achieve your #designgoals.

Social Media Design for Free, Canva

Canva gives you the freedom of creating content that fits with your branding. It is almost too good to be true that an app like this provides almost everything you would need to style catchy content, but it does. You can use from free templates (or premium for a fee), and use proven patterns to create a stunning visual. The ability to upload your own images is a great gem and its drag and drop features make it easy to play around until you find what catches your eye.

Now that it has a companion mobile app, you can design on the go and upload from your device without being tethered to a desktop. A truly mobile experience that is sure to catch the attention of the right customer.

Wordplay with WordSwag

If part of your strategy are quotes and fun facts, WordSwag is worth looking into. The app, available for download in the App and Play Store, has a myriad of fonts that easily create beautiful layouts for your post. At loss for words? That’s easy with hundreds of preloaded captions that really describe the right emotion and feel you want your audience to feel.

The app boast that it is like having a “designer in your pocket” and quite frankly, they are right.

Moving Pictures with Flipagram

Flipagram allows you create a slideshow. A social medign desgin marvel!

Flipagram allows you create a slideshow. A social medign desgin marvel!

If picture paints a thousand words, then what about several pictures? And maybe some music? Flipagram utilizes all of your senses by using audio clips to get you to sing along and a gallery of pictures to keep your audience wanting more. Aside from the watermark forever etched on the content (which can be taken for a price), the app does a great job of helping catch attention especially on Instagram. If your company just had a big event, tease some pictures on the app and post it with an invite to see more of the pictures taken during the event, or a landing page to grab their information.That’s a great use of social media design.

You don’t need a professional videographer to create such compelling objet d’art!

Keep it Simple, Phonto!

Simple and free, is that all you need? With Phonto, you can use your own images and customize them to your liking. That’s it. No super crazy filters. No wacky music in the background. Just text over your images which really is all you’ll need to win over the hearts of your adoring followers. This leaves room for your to write some amazing copy to complement the simplistic work of art that you have created.

With each app appealing to individual taste, you may end up using one, or all 4, or something else not on this list. The point is that you don’t need a super designer to get your product across. It takes knowing who your audience is and what they will respond to when it comes to content. Tractus Online specializes in helping find out what the customers are looking for and helping you tailor your content to their liking. For more information about design and marketing hacks, subscribe to our blogs and check what we have in store.


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