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Should Social Media Be Your Customer Service Channel?

Ted Richards Business, Marketing

The Call Center

Recently I had to make a change to an airline ticket. My first instinct, to avoid a long process and difficult communication, was to call the company on the phone. After spending more than an hour on hold at 2 AM (this company is headquartered in France) I finally got through to someone. I was flatly told that they could not make the change I needed on my ticket. I asked to speak to someone with more authority who could make the change. No dice. The phone call ended abruptly when I hung up in a fit frustration. I was left wondering why the company even had a customer service line.

social media customer serviceThe Direct Message

As a “Hail Mary” in hopes of making the change in time for my flight, I sent a message to the company’s Facebook page. Within 20 minutes I had a response, had transferred all of my relevant details, and was assured of a solution. With frequent communications throughout the process, and only a few short days later my problem, seemingly unsolvable over the phone, was solved via Facebook messenger. No hassle, no fuss, just results. This story illustrates well the state of customer engagement today, and moving forward. The place of customer service call centers has not yet been entirely replaced by social media engagement, but things are moving in that direction. People care less today about personal contact of a phone call than they do about results. We want fast, we want efficient, and we want (above all) for our concerns to be heard and engaged.

replying to questions on social media

Who Does it Best?

Many companies are starting to see the benefits and importance of engaging with customers directly on social media. From Wendys and IHOP with their viral marketing and snarky content and replies, to Tesco and Walmart with their extremely responsive social media teams, engaging directly with customers as they interact with your social media is essential. These companies reply to complaints, answer questions, resolve problems, and make connections through these means. Engaging online also increases customer ratings. If you want 5 stars, offer 5 star online service. Many other companies have found success and popularity through increasing their responsiveness through online engagement.

Companies that learn to engage on social media create loyalty and respect from their customer base. The bottom line is this: learning to engage regularly and directly with customers on social media will soon become a requirement. Why not start today? Want to make your online platforms and branding worth engaging with? Contact us today to learn how we can help! 

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