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Social Media for Business: 5 Things to Help You Stay Focused

Ekaterina Lepikhina Marketing

1. Choose your Primary Platform(s)

Your business needs to be on social media. However, your company does not have to be on every social media platfrom. Think of your customers/clients/partners. Where are they more likely to be found? Do you sell makeup? You need to be focused on Instagram and Pinterest. Do you target other businesses? Get on and become an influencer on LinkedIn.
Do not waste your energy and time on networks that are not big for your targets.

2. Concentrate on Your Goal(s)

Remember that your business is on social media to help you reach your business goals. Do not waste your time getting likes and followers with no goals in mind. Random posting wouldn’t get you anywhere. Follow your social media strategy to stay focused. Your goal might be, for example, getting your fans to your website for a new deal. Or reaching out to decision makers to generate leads.

3. Define Your Metrics

Measuring ROI on Social Media is not an easy task. Without clearly defined metrics, you will be lost in the social media jungle. You are risking running back and forth and repeating the same mistakes all over again if you do not know how to measure your performance. Set your key performance indicators right to get to success. Your performance might be measured through social media referral traffic to a certain page of your website, for example.

4. Schedule. Plan. Organize.

It is very easy to get distracted on social media. It is even easier to get lost and forget what were you even going to post this week. Here is the solution: theme your posts and make a schedule. Let’s say you posting recipes on Monday, something funny on Tuesday a deal on Wednesday, a wise quote on Sunday etc. People love structure! Your fans will expect you to come up with something funny on Tuesday and if they are interested, they will remember to check your profile that day. What if your fans are active mostly on weekends? Do not forget about scheduling tools and options. This gives you plenty of flexibility and saves time.

5. Get Some Help/ Learn from Experts

Even though social media it seems like you got it, you might not know all the details and features available. Social Media is a constantly changing living being. For example, Facebook keeps changing their algorithms every now and then. Your posts are not necessarily displayed to your fans and you might not be even aware. Take some time to educate yourself. And it is useful to consult experts and get some advice from them as well.

What helps you stay focused? Share your thoughts with us!

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