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Sketch App: A Medium for Designers and Developers

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business

Sketch App is a design application that may mobile, UI, and web designers use to create prototypes of their design ideas before handing it off to developers for production. Bohemian, the creators of the app, wanted to create a flexible and powerful design tool that goes beyond just photo editing.

From creating you own logos to prototyping your design, Sketch provide a variety of features that many of its users have grown to love. Here’s three reasons to get your curiosity started.

Follow Your Mind, Your Intuition

ketch app inspector
Sketch provides you with an infinite canvas to create your designs. As a designer, you want that freedom and creativity so as to not be limited in your workspace. Sketch introduces a feature called “Inspector.”¬†Inspector gives options, settings and styles in a single sidebar on the right side of the application window. It shows them when it is useful for you. Its sleek and minimal interface allows for you to focus on what you are doing.

Sketch App Helps with Alignment

Sketch has two alignment features that is helpful to its users.

Pixel Grid Alignment – You no longer have to look through “Preferences” or the “Option Bar” to align your edges and layers. You can align them relative to other layers with their edges. A helpful line that shows you the distance in pixels between them helps you decide the distance between layers, boxes, etc.

Align by Dragging – You can drag your objects and know where things ought to be. The Inspector will show you the exact coordinates of your objects. By remembering these coordinates you can be consistent.


sketch app export

With Sketch, you can export individual layers. You can also choose what type of file you want to export and the size of the file which come in handy! Another intuitive part of the app is that the export feature remembers how you exported the last file.

If you are looking for a more intuitive design tool, Sketch is the way to go. Designing your site will definitely require a whole team work on it to bring out the best. The team at Tractus Online prides itself with creating websites that speak to your customers. So, if you are looking to build one, head on over!


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