Six LinkedIn Profile Changes And Why They’re Better For You

Ekaterina Lepikhina Business

Site update happens all the time. Companies do these kinds of refresh when they have new features they want to focus on, or customers clamor for changes to make the site more user friendly. Your LinkedIn profile changes are a upgrade.

In the case of LinkedIn, the refresh has made it easier to find new contact, interact with connections, and write posts. Here’s where you’ll find the biggest upgrades on LinkedIn

A Cleaner Home Page

LinkedIn’s web page took notice of the sleek look that its mobile app has been sporting.

linkedin profile changes app

The new web application has a sleeker and vibrant design. The new homepage places your profile information on the left and lets you see your feed front and center.

From Profile to Me

linkedin profile changes viewA couple of changes on here include a circular view of your Profile Pic and size change to 1536 x768 pixels. The sad part is that you can no longer create a vanity URL for your page.

LinkedIn Profile Changes in Search

A big overhaul changed in this section as some previously free features have been moved to premium. This include saved and advanced searches, and tagging.

A Cleaner Network

By clean, we mean, erased and cleared. While the new look of your invitations and People You May Know has gotten a much needed revamp, LinkedIn has limited your options of what to do with invitations. It’s like an ultimatum: message or erase.

No Interests, But More

In this update, the Interests section has been renamed to More. Yup, more. Like, More products and More services that LinkedIn is offering. On the plus side, if you think you need to pay for it, it will be…More.

A Whole Section of Notifications

Did you wanna know about work anniversaries? How about published articles or mentioned connections? LinkedIn has kindly put all of those in place where you can control them. Or have them control you.

Have you checked out the new changes on your LinkedIn profile? How do you like it? With a more seamless experience between the app and desktop versions, it can prove to make navigating LinkedIn easier. While you do that, check out the services the Tractus Online can do for you to help improve your brand. We’ll be waiting.

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