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Shopify Rolls Out Shopping On Instagram Feature

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Prior to the holiday season, social media marketing platform Instagram rolled out its shopping feature to select merchants in conjunction with Shopify. Shortly after the testing phase was complete, the feature was released to all merchants with a business profile. Below we discuss the new feature and what it means for businesses.

The biggest Instagram update you should be aware of

What Exactly Is It?

Social media is full of product promotion, so e-commerce site Shopify decided to roll out its shopping with Instagram feature in order to help merchants drive up product sales. All a business has to do is add their products to their Facebook shop’s catalog, and they will be able to tag said products in any given photos that they post.

What it Means For Businesses

Shopping with Instagram speeds up the purchasing process as it immediately identifies any given product without the user having to search for it on your website. This feature was created in efforts to speed up the sales process and increase sales for brands. Although the service was only available to select merchants before the holidays, it is now available to everyone, and many large brands are taking advantage of it.

Instagram Shopping Rules

The feature is meant to promote the sale of physical products, like clothing, toys, art, electronics and more. Businesses will not be able to tag people in the same image they tag a product, and only up to 5 products can be tagged in posts. Now that the feature is available, businesses can go back and tag products in old photos that may have been posted before the feature was available.

How shopping with Instagram can help your business

Shopping with Instagram is social media’s new way of helping businesses that use their platform drive up sales. To read more about social media trends your business should be aware of, click here. To learn more about our business oriented social media marketing services, click here

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