Some of the top shocking email marketing statistics you should know

Shocking Email Marketing Statistics You Should Know

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As consumers, we’re bombarded with email marketing all day everyday. These messages are more than likely businesses we’ve purchased from or services we’ve used that are trying to reel us back in. The fact of the matter is emails are effective, which is why large brands continue to create them. Below are a few mind blowing statistics you should know pertaining to emails.

The importance of email marketing in business

Business to Consumer

  1. By simply sending a welcome email to new customers or users, a 320% revenue increase is associated.
  2. Customers will spend 138% more when targeted by email offers versus those who are not.
  3. 80% of business owners stated that email marketing is the biggest reason for customer retention.

Business to Business

  1. When asked, 86% of professionals prefer to communicate over email.
  2. 60% of marketers said email marketing is their most effect tool in generating revenue.
  3. Click through rates are 47% higher for business to business email campaigns.

Email Marketing Statistics

  1. Almost half of all businesses worldwide use some form of email strategy.
  2. According to a recent study, with every $1 invested in an email campaign, you’ll receive $44 in return.
  3. Emails marketed to pet owners have the highest open rate.

Key email marketing strategies for your brand

It is clear that email marketing is effective and still widely used today. Whether you’re implementing a business to business or business to consumer strategy, email marketing is an effective way to target your audience with a proven return. Want to learn more about generating leads with emails? Click here. Want our help with coming up with an email campaign strategy for your brand? Contact us.

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